Welcome to my back porch!

The Mr. & me

I’m Sara, welcome to my back porch!

I was born in 1967 and raised in a Christian home where the foundation of my faith in Christ was firmly established.  I’m one of those born in a pew kids who can’t remember the day I accepted Jesus, He’s always been there, just like the air I breathe.

I married my husband, Dean (aka the Mr.) in 1986 and our sons were born in 1988 and 1989. Our oldest son, Jay and his lovely Kateland were married in September of 2016. Our youngest, Mac, married the beautiful Susan in June 2015. And we are officially empty nesters!   Well, unless you count our Belgian Shepherd, Loki!

I am a high school health careers teacher, leaving hospital nursing after ten years to return to my first love…teaching.  I have the best job in the world, a completely undeserved blessing that I still can’t believe is mine.

More than anything,  I’m a home girl 🙂  I am a homemaker at heart and would happily leave behind my career to bake bread and work in my garden.  Home for us is a post-war two bedroom bungalow in Michigan.  It was the home of my grandparents and when my gramma died in 2007, we realized we couldn’t let the place go.  The Mr. and I bought the house that holds my childhood memories and here we live with tiny closets, not enough storage and no place to put a home office.  In other words, completely happy.

This blog is called Back Porch Sheep because that’s how I see myself.  I’m a Christ follower, seeking after my Shepherd and listening for His voice.  My life is anchored in simplicity and I’m most myself when I’m at home sitting on my back porch.  I’m honored to have you join me here to talk, think and pray about things both  serious and silly.

Welcome to my back porch.


back porch

P.S. If you enjoy visiting here on the back porch, feel free to stop by my old blog…

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13 thoughts on “Welcome to my back porch!

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us. I love to read real life stories about everyday nurses and working 12 hr shifts and the devotion we put into each and every shift and every patient. The things we all share together as nurses we are truly like family.
    I look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you for your posts and blog. I only learned of your blog this morning and have been skimming… I will enjoy reading of your life and challenges. You are very good at this!

  3. erika

    I know this isn’t the right topic, but I wanted to say thank God for nurses like you. There are so many great ones out there, but I bet you were a great source of comfort for the HIV positive young lady. I will be praying that God protects you not only from this disease but keeps you safe in the work that you and many others do so graciously.

  4. deanna

    Im not sure what most of you are thinking. I can understand where your going with the story about the nurse that broke protocol with the HIV pos. patient. I dont get why this is considered a heroic or good thing. Its actually quite stupid. And no I would not want you as my nurse because its clear you dont care about, not only your own health, but also the health of other patients! To admit that you take your gloves off when inserting a IV is actually a very incompetent action! As a nurse you know fingers are dirty! Its called infection! Bacteria! Please this is not an honorable thing! To show that your not taking others health serious! Not to leave out that ebola and HIV are in no way similar! I understand that you want people to know how caring and loving nurses are! How they work hard to make patients feel at ease and comfortable! That post/ small story however does not make people at ease. If you cant be a caring nurse and follow proper protocol at the same time then maybe you should find another career

  5. Edie Reynolds

    1986, I was drawing blood from a fresh thoracotomy patient, who was HIV+, I had gloves on, went to transfer the blood into the tubes, and when with drawing the syringe, from the rubber stopper, it jerked and penetrated my glove. I finished the procedure and then went to the sink and washed in bleach. I never seroconverter. We do what we do because, we are committed….not stupid. (My Dallas hospital, made me feel like a pariah) I was HIV tested at my own expense for over 10 years, out of fear. But in truth, it’s not the ones that we need “to fear”, that we have the diagnosis, It’s the one who don’t tell us. So we practice defensively, hold our breath, and keep the faith. God puts challenges in our way, everyday….and we rise to the occasion, because we are nurses.

  6. Sometimes you do “what you have to do” and you pray, I prayed when my patient stopped breathing in his home. I didn’t think of a mouth piece, it happened so fast. Full CPR for almost 30 minutes. The results was the same mouth piece or no mouth piece. I took the chance, but the family knows I did everything I could and that is what a nurse does when you take that pledge.

  7. Harriet Cook

    I am grateful for nurses like yourself. After reading your Protocol post I must thank you for the woman that you are that expresses herself as a nurse and ministers under that mantle. Might I encourage you, if you haven’t heard of my dear friend Peggy Joyce Ruth and her Psalm 91 series of books, that perhaps you might want to check it out. Being a military mom I read her military version (testimonies mostly military) and memorized Ps 91 after reading her book. What a comfort as my son was deployed! Three times in that Psalm it addresses either pestilence or plague. I claim that chapter. If you would like to know more you can visit her site at http://www.peggyjoyceruth.org/ . I created a brochure (with her blessing) with a synopsis of her book that went to all ‘my boys’, and even into a family Christmas card and together we created a bookmark. You have my email. Please contact me if you’d like me to send you the brochure and/or bookmark. I’d be pleased to share.
    In His service, Harriet

  8. Emma Huffman

    I truly loved your post about the nurse who broke protocol. Thank you for standing up for us nurses in a kind tactful way. May god bless you, your family and our family of nurses.

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