Y’all still there?

27973466_10212590049321010_3995434799533562003_nWell now.  Long time no see! Or write or read or whatever 🙂

So, how have you been?  I’m good!  And frankly, I’m surprised to see you, being that this blog is something of an old abandoned house.  I haven’t had much desire to write for a very long time.  I’ll just be honest and let you know, the world at large has taken on a distinct flavor of unkindness and I chose to make my own world a bit gentler by withdrawing.  It’s not that I’ve such a noble spirit, it’s really that I noticed myself returning unkindness with more of the same…intolerance, anger, offendedness.  Well, that just won’t do and so I have limited my interaction to the good old-fashioned face to face method for a while.  I’m feeling better, more discerning and less reactive.  At least I hope so.  So hello 🙂

Let’s see now, what’s been happening in the hundred years since we talked?  I’m teaching high school, I think you knew that?  No longer bedside nursing, now I teach a nursing assistant class in a career center in the school district in which I grew up.  Best job eva.  I could not be happier going to work every day.  In fact, I’m currently enjoying summer break and believe it or not, I have discovered that when summer draws to a close, I actually look forward to returning to work!  Of course, being that my degree is in nursing, I now need to complete my education degree so I’m doing that as well as working, will graduate with my bachelor’s in education in 2020.  At the age of 98 😉

In other exciting news, the Mr. and I have bought a travel trailer!  Yup, we’re campers!  We made the decision to purchase a camper after approximately 27 minutes of careful deliberation.  Daboyz and their wives are tent campers as they are much younger and more fit for the wilderness than are we.  We enjoyed our inaugural long weekend camping a few weeks ago.  The Mr. and I, with our Loki.  Jay and Kateland with Teddie; Mac and Susan with Buddy.  Loki, Teddie and Buddy being our respective dogs.  It rained buckets and we all huddled in the camper and had a great time.  The Mr. and I are off on our next adventure in a few weeks heading to Northern Michigan towing our long long trailer and stopping along the way until we finally reach the Upper Peninsula where we’ll be camping on Lake Huron.

And that’s a recap of all that’s happening around here.  I hope to find the joy and contentment I used to find in writing and visiting from this back porch of mine.  And I pray that this day finds you living in neighborhoods where kindness and encouragement find a voice louder than unkindness.



Camping adventures! Our June trip, just before the rains came down and the floods went up!

5 thoughts on “Y’all still there?

  1. Jadasgigi

    Seems like it rained practically every time we went campi,g when we had a camper…and everyone huddled in the camper…and we had a blast. LOL nice to see you again.

  2. Faye

    Sara, I have been feeling the same way. I could become a recluse very easily. I don’t even want to watch the news any more. Too depressing. Took a break from Facebook, hearing from others who seemed to be living & enjoying life made me sad. Is that crazy or what? Well, now I’m back & trying to have a better attitude. We shall see.

  3. I am still here! (And trying one more time to leave a comment; hopefully this one will take!) I feel much the same way you do, Sara. I pulled back from social media early this year and have recently returned. I have enjoyed the respite. I have found it important to meditate on the big picture, the fact that our world has known conflict and suffering for a long time and there is no need to despair. It helps to work on a hobby, to read a book, or go camping 😉 Enjoy your trip, and thank you for the lovely post.

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