Go tell them~

A very Good Friday to you today.

I awakened this morning thinking about children who grow up without the message of Jesus in their lives.  What more could we teach our children about their worth than to tell them the story of God loving them so much that He sent Christ to make everything they will ever do wrong, right?

What a powerful theme to write across their little hearts.  It is a shield against every bully to tells them that they are ugly or fat or stupid.  It would protect them from every foolish adult who belittles their importance.  It would give them a reason to dream, to reach, to believe.

After all, if God thinks you are so valuable that He would reach from heaven to hold your hand, what else can be said to make you less than valuable?

My heart hurts today for every little boy or girl whose tremendous worth has been measured by anything less than the adoration of the King of Kings.

In a world where we say we want our kids to aim higher, we must do a much better job of introducing them to the Most High.

God says they are  precious to Him, let’s make sure they know it.





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