I am known~

Grampa & me, 1968
Grampa & me, 1968 on The Farm.  Known by God.


For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; but then shall I know, even as also I am known. 1 Corinthians 13:12

My group of blogging friends has been taking turns issuing monthly topic prompts and April’s is this…

What in your life is calling you? When you spend quiet time with our God, and all the noise is silenced, what is it that speaks to your soul?

When I first considered the question, a series of pictures swept across my mind.  My grandparents Farm, Fairlane Manor (The Henry Ford Estate,) Northern Michigan and specifically my parent’s cottage, my own home, my own back porch.

Just two days ago, my son was telling me what he believes makes each member of our family truly happy and of me, he said that our home being “nice” and a life that’s simple but stable is what makes me happy.  He’s absolutely right.  Peace calls me.  Quietness calls me and in the quiet, the temporary worries of life (and aren’t they all?) fade away and my mind seems to open up to be filled with glory.

Yup, I said glory.

I didn’t always know exactly how to minister to my own soul.  I suppose I thought that was done through formal ministry and service and then through the receiving of the ministry of others through church attendance and fellowship.  All good things, but a small portion of what I personally need to experience glory.  And glory is what I need.

In the most recent years of my life, I’ve taken hold of my own hand to seek out the personal banquet for which my spirit is hungry.  I have discovered, I most often need a table for one.  Perhaps more accurately, for two.  God and I meet in quiet corners.

This morning I awakened to birdsong, and found glory.

The mornings are coming when there will no longer be frost on the windowpanes and I’ll venture outside with my morning coffee, more of the quiet heart that invites Him.  I take walks on the Henry Ford Estate grounds and spend hours without speaking a word aloud as I drink in the beauty of the grounds in the shadow of the mansion and imagine my someday home in heaven.

What calls to me?

Knowing as I am known.  Though I will look through a glass darkly until heaven, God is gracious enough to give me moments of clarity in which I understand not the great mysteries of the universe, but the greater mysteries within myself.  I catch glimpses of how He made me and then I understand where to feel closest to Him.  Where glory waits to surround me, to fill me and satisfy me in sacred communion.

I used to wish that someone really knew and understood me.  But I am completely known already, I am perfectly understood.  It is I, myself, who needs to know the path to the my own heart.  I am finding it now and with tending and tenderness, the path becomes easier to find every year.

Solitude, quiet, simplicity, nature, contemplation.

These are the things that call to me, these are the gifts of God that feed my soul.  This is how the Holy Spirit calms me.  These are the moments when my vision clears and I see, I understand and I know as I am known.

In these glimpses of glory, I change my perspective about reality and I realize that glory is reality.

And my prayer becomes, to quote Dickens…

Please sir, I want some more.


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  1. I doubt that anyone could find anything more perfect than to answer to the call of peace, contentment, and the glory of knowing yourself as God knows you. Perfect post.

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